Mobility as a Right for Europe

A visionary concept changing the paradigm of urban mobility towards breakthrough innovations, boosting knowledge generation and competitiveness across Europe.

MaaRE aims at establishing the Knowledge and Innovation Community on Urban Mobility to be set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2019.

People & Cities

In MaaRE, sustainable and liveable cities are at hand for all citizens. A green, inclusive, safe and smart urban mobility should be a right for everyone.

More and Better Jobs

In MaaRE, EU´s knowledge generation capacity is boosted and transformed into high quality jobs and global competitiveness.

The Most Innovative Technology in the World

Smarter Vehicles, Smarter Infrastructure, Smarter Services, Smarter Mobility.


50 European partners distributed around 5 collocation centers (CLCs) have joined forces to build a vibrant, participatory, multidisciplinary ecosystem where cities, companies, start-ups and higher-education co-create innovative, human-centered and sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Workshop in the Parliament

A group of MaaRE partners participated in a workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility at the European Parliament.

MaaRE at Work

Part of MaaRE consortium working in the definition of how Sustainable Urban Mobility in Europe should be in the 21st century.

Workshop in Berlin

Experts from a number of European cities held a workshop last September in Berlin where they discussed means to accelerate sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions and economic growth. These included strengthening the cooperation among committed cities and regions, industry and research institutions to make urban mobility safer, more efficient and more sustainable.